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  • FASTEST AND EASIEST WAY TO SHARPEN ANY KNIFE WITH SUPERIOR USA PATENTED TECHNOLOGY. Radically new sharpener is the absolute best way to sharpen dull knives and keep them sharp without removing metal. Takes just seconds to keep all your knives razor sharp, straight or serrated.
  • PROPRIETARY AUSTRIAN TUNGSTEN CARBIDE SHARPENERS AUTO-ADJUST TO BLADE ANGLE (12-20 DEG). Cut a smooth factory bevel at the angle of your choice. Pull through tip down to cut a factory bevel, tip up to smooth and align the edge without removing metal. Press lightly for a fine blade for slicing blade. Press harder for a sturdy chopping blade.
  • TRIPLE-ACTION SHARPENERS KEEP KNIVES SHARP WITHOUT REMOVING METAL. Sharpen, re-align and polish just by changing angle of the knife. Works equally on straight and serrated blades to maintain sharpness.
  • SAFE TO USE WITH THE FINEST KNIVES. Re-align edges before they roll over and dull. Polish a micro-bevel on the finest cutlery without fear of damaging blades. These two steps will keep knives razor sharp without removing any metal. Great for Japanese or Damascus knives, or any knife at all. Directions printed on bottom.

Razor Sharp Knives In Seconds!
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Best knife sharpener for smooth and serrated knives. Sharpeners made in Austria.
Sharpen dull and damaged blades in seconds. Hone a razor sharp edge on even the finest knife blades.
Easily sharpen the complete edge of serrated knives. Also hone Japanese (left-hand) single bevel blades.
Rugged construction with almost 2 pounds of solid stainless steel. Austrian-made tungsten-carbide sharpeners last over 5 years (replacements available).
Precision tungsten-carbide sharpeners on patented spring-action bars adjust to the angle of the knife blade. Control the angle from 12 degrees for a super-sharp fillet knife to 20 degrees for a rugged chopping blade.

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"Kitchen Knife Sharpener is the best kitchen must have tool on the market."

"The Kitchen Knife Sharpener is the best kitchen must have tool on the market. It does as it says and sharpens anything you put through it. I love how safe and easy it is to use to sharpen all of my knives. I even used it to sharpen my knife collection safely without damaging the edge of the blade. I highly recommend this product to every dull knife owner out there!!!"          

                  By ST Joiner on Apr 29, 2019

      I was so impressed with this knife sharpener, after ...

I was so impressed with this knife sharpener, after I sharpened all my knives, I went over to my son's and then my daughter's houses and sharpened all theirs! Both are executive chefs, so they are very picky about their knives! I will probably get both of them this knife sharpener for Christmas.

                          By Miden on May 15, 2019


                          Husband LOVES it!

This thing works! My husband really loves it. The only reason I'm saying 4 on 'light weight' is because you don't want it to be light weight. Light weight would be equal to cheap quality, only going to last a year. This is a good quality sharpener that I expect we will have in our cupboard for many years to come.

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